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Follow @rlttravels for a behind the scenes look of museums, art and culture as R. Leopoldina Torres shares her experiences as a museum staffer at the #HarvardArtMuseums, a New England based artist, and a #musesocial enthusiast.

R. Leopoldina Torres is a professional fine art photographer, printmaker and contemporary artist. She is founder of Leopoldina Photography and her artwork has been exhibited in galleries, museums and print media across the globe. Leopoldina is a co-founder of the Cambridge-based Banter Artists Guild and in 2015, she was elected President of the Monotype Guild of New England. As an avid traveler, she is often found exploring with her SLR film camera, whether it be in the halls of a museum or on a windy trail of a national park.

Leopoldina concentrated in Archaeology at Harvard College, and is currently on staff in the Department of Communications at the Harvard Art Museums. She is also pursuing a degree in Marketing and Museum Studies at Harvard University, Extension School.

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